Forsaken Factory

The black factory was built to extract iron from stones; then, out of iron we made the balls that we sometimes throw in each other’s heads in order to prove our power and superiority. After the devastating fire of forsaking, all that’s left is in this picture. (Adrian Georgescu)

I descended. My legs liquefied and as they became fluid I leaked under the factory and I started to undermine its foundation, corroding its reality, consuming its efficiency and their purpose: therefore, what is left is similar to what I think about our contemporary world. (Adrian Georgescu)

Not at all an earthquake. And yet, the ruins. The walls are gnawed by the teeth and nails of someone who couldn’t bare being captive and tried to escape. The walls resisted – and they can still be seen – while that someone became someone else and he is no more. (Adrian Georgescu)

Taken in March 2007, Copsa Mica, Romania.

It was horrible…


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