Chaos Reigns (obviously.)

Meet Chaos Reigns – the creepy Antichrist fox. That is if you haven’t met him before. It’s a pretty dark movie (although it’s generally green) and it’s been around for a while so I suppose you guys have already watched it. If not… what are you waiting for?

And in the spirit of Antichrist I’m posting here a photo (ahem… of my neighbor’s estate). A recurring nightmare I have is about grass and woods. The dream is always the same, not too much action just leaves strangely moving, breathing, growing around me, holding me, restraining me … briefly, a luxuriantly green nightmare of  suffocation. Here’s to you, Lars!

Taken Targoviste (RO), August 2006.


One Response to “Chaos Reigns (obviously.)”

  1. no14plusminus Says:

    Ok… Im not gonna sleep for days after this!!!

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