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Neighbourhood falling apart

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Beautiful ghosts hanging around.



Zoom in on the window on the right!

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Aici sunt două fotografii, realizate la cateva secunde diferenţă. Downloadaţi şi priviţi fereastra din dreapta cu zoom in. In fotografia următoare nu mai apare ceea ce apare în prima.

Here we have two pictures, taken one after another, a few seconds in between them. Download them and look carefully at the right window, zoom in! In the second picture you won’t see that thing.



Fotografie realizata cateva secunde mai tarziu

Picture taken a few seconds later


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This one here folks is the Burren. That’s a quite huge karst landscape (300 sq km) which lies NW of Co Clare Ireland. The area is filled with megalithic tombs, deserted villages from the times of the famine and the like… you get the picture.

Taken September 2009.

Haunted house in B…

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No one lives there…yet the windows are open…

The Cross of Mill Lake

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Ok, this one has a longer history. If you take a walk across the shore of the Mill Lake in Bucharest, Romania (Crangasi Neighbourhood) you will eventually come across this extraordinary cross.

During the Comunist times, instead of this artificial lake there was a well known cemetery and a church in the middle of it. Then, the communist builders came and said, the cemetery must be destroyed and the bones of the deceased people must be moved, so that we make here a big lake.

The people protested but they had no choice. The priest in that church also protested and announced that  if the church and the cemetery are destroyed, he would hang himself. Nobody believed him. The next day after a series of harsh discussions, the builders came to see  if everything was ready for the lake construction to begin (people had already moved the bones of their dead ones)

They found the priest, dead, hung in his own church, with a note he had left, explaining his protest against the communist actions and the fact that, for the sin of having taken his life, he will respond only to God.

I think God forgave him…

Anyways, this cross is made out of the metal cross on the top of that church (melted and made larger) – in 1986.

Many people drowned in the Mill Lake – including my grandfather.

I live 10 mins away from here.

Cross of the little boy that drowned

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This is the end of my jogging path. This little cross is on the shore of Mill Lake (Lacul Morii) in Bucharest, Romania. It is the point from where you don’t really feel like going any further. Took the pictures at night. It is really creepy…