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Notice the door.

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Again on Clemenceau street, close to Atheneum, in someone’s yard…

I just hate the door at the end of the garbage.

Magnify to see the horrifying grafitti on the wall.


Electroaparataj Factory

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Electroaparataj Factory, in Bucharest…what can be creepier than a forsaken Factory…?

Chaos Reigns (obviously.)

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Meet Chaos Reigns – the creepy Antichrist fox. That is if you haven’t met him before. It’s a pretty dark movie (although it’s generally green) and it’s been around for a while so I suppose you guys have already watched it. If not… what are you waiting for?

And in the spirit of Antichrist I’m posting here a photo (ahem… of my neighbor’s estate). A recurring nightmare I have is about grass and woods. The dream is always the same, not too much action just leaves strangely moving, breathing, growing around me, holding me, restraining me … briefly, a luxuriantly green nightmare of  suffocation. Here’s to you, Lars!

Taken Targoviste (RO), August 2006.

Suicidal cliffs

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Going further in our exploration of creepy Irish landscape, today we bring you the Cliffs of Moher. Creepy by the fact that this is a favorite spot for people to kill themselves. Needless to say that this site does not endorse such behavior, there are loads of good things in life up for grabs for all of ye… So please let darkness follow but do not let it overtake!

And now I wonder… Whatever can one say to people in order to keep them AWAY from the edge of the cliffs! If ever you go visit the Cliffs trust the signs, the Lonely Planet guide, etc and stay away from the edge – the winds ARE strong, they WILL knock you down and before you know it you’ll be deep into the blue below… not a pretty fall, huh?

Taken September 2009.


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This one here folks is the Burren. That’s a quite huge karst landscape (300 sq km) which lies NW of Co Clare Ireland. The area is filled with megalithic tombs, deserted villages from the times of the famine and the like… you get the picture.

Taken September 2009.

A strange tower

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Such a strange little tower as if grown out of that building which has fancy new windows…

Perhaps it is the local Martello tower 🙂

Taken in Bucharest, close to the Anglican Church

Lonely chairs

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If you click on the pictures, you will see that the chairs are chained…

Taken in Bucharest, in 2006. They are in a little park between the building where i live and the next one.  NOBODY ever sits there and I have never seen them moved aside, even one centimeter…